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Vacation 2010

Well, I haven’t written in here in awhile, just too busy taking a month long vacation, then a week of quilting fun, and now this weekend, the icing on the cake–Jesse’s softball team won the State Championship!  We are still in a daze from all the excitement of this.  I’ll put photos on here and also on Facebook.  Life is good!
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Finally The Holiday Season Ends!

Here are some final photos from New Years and shortly thereafter, including two little cousins who got together and created some memories. 
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More Christmas Pics!

I just added photos to the Christmas album, now it has all three parties, from all three nights.  And we had a special surprise for the party at Eric’s house, because we got to see our nephew Xavier!  That was wonderful!  Hope everybody had as good a Christmas as we did, and now back to real life.  (and next year we really are going to the beach–plans are already in the works.)
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Christmas 2009

Our Christmas festivities started at Jack and Andrea’s house on the 23rd, and will continue tonight at our house, and then at Eric’s house on Christmas night.  Here’s the start of a new album, with Kylee the star of the show as usual.  She worked hard to decorate a gingerbread house with help from Andrea, Jim, Jo, and Eric.  More pics after tonight.  Keep checking back 🙂
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Just a Little Update

Been loafing around since April, but now I have a new job, and I am in the process of getting started on it.  Most of the time I’ll be working from home, with some occasional travel.  I’ve been doing lots of sewing and quilting, check out the latest album.  Steve is frantically trying to get all of his documentation for his genealogy files scanned and categorized, a monumental task!  I thought I was the records manager, but he does a way better job than me!  Hope everyone is having a nice fall and getting ready for the holidays.  We are going to have a huge celebration–hope you can come 🙂  Jan
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Long Beach Quilt Festival

Hi all, just got back from Long Beach Quilt Festival, and I have added two albums for my quilting buddies.  One has all of the photos I took in my denim class, and the other is of some of the quilts I really liked (and where photography was allowed).  Many of the really beautiful ones did not allow photos, but you will enjoy some of the unique ones I captured. 
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